Famous Bankruptcies

Many considering bankruptcy feel alone, afraid, or trapped by creditors. Many are embarrassed or afraid others will think they were financially irresponsible. Some feel as if they are “drowning in debt.” Some are reluctant to seek help because they are afraid of what others will think.

You are not alone. Every year a million or more people file bankruptcy because they lost a job, had unexpected medical expenses, a business failed, owed tax debt, had a repossession or foreclosure, or monthly payments became too high to keep up. In fact, many famous people have had to file bankruptcy.

They include:

  • REMBRANDT VAN RIJN – famous painter – filed in 1656.
  • P.T. BARNUM – “the greatest showman on earth” – filed in 1871.
  • MARK TWAIN – America’s most famous writer – filed in 1894.
  • OSCAR WILDE – poet and author – filed in 1895.
  • MILTON HERSHEY – founder of Hershey’s Chocolate.
  • HENRY FORD – automobile manufacturer.
  • WALT DISNEY – founder of Walt Disney Co. – filed in 1920.
  • LARRY KING – talk show host – filed in 1960 and 1978.
  • MICKEY ROONEY – movie actor- filed in 1962.
  • JERRY LEE LEWIS – rock and roll legend – filed in 1988.
  • WAYNE NEWTON – singer – filed in 1992.
  • KIM BASINGER – movie actress – filed in 1993.
  • STANLEY BURRELL – singer (a/k/a MC Hammer) – filed in 1996.
  • DONALD TRUMP – business tycoon – filed in 1992 and 2004.
  • BURT REYNOLDS – movie actor – filed in 1996.
  • DEBBIE REYNOLDS – movie actress – filed in 1997.
  • VINCE NEIL – singer – filed in 1998.
  • SHERMAN HEMSLEY – television actor (“George Jefferson”) – filed in 1999.
  • MIKE TYSON – boxer – filed in 2003.
  • SAMMY KERSHAW – country singer – filed in 2007.
  • JOSE CANSECO – baseball player – filed in 2008.

Persons listed above became financially successful after having filed a bankruptcy case. You can, too!

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