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“Attorney Thomas Lovett is an exceptionally skilled attorney with the highest of professional and ethical standards. I would feel comfortable sending him any referral, and would not hesitate to retain him for myself if I required an attorney in his practice area.”

David M.Verified Google Review

“Alex and Missy were wonderful throughout my filling process.. They kept me informed and worked diligently on my case.They made me feel right at home and assured me that they will take care of me.Best Service I could have asked for.. Thank you all again for guiding me through the process and representing me.”

Shanecia M.Verified Google Review

Alex & Missy were always available to answer questions. I was very happy with their service.

Valeria S.Verified Google Review

“Great People To Work With, I'm Glad I got The Chance To Work With These Awesome People If You Ever Need Help Kelley Lovett Blakey & Sanders Are Really Good People To Work With...”

Jasmine D.Verified Google Review

“I want to let you know that Alex Sanders with this law firm is AWESOME. My experience with Alex and his staff was phenomenal. I highly recommend them if you ever need help and assistance.”

Ann B.Verified Google Review

“I found this office through google search and found Attorney Sanders to do an awesome job. They made everything swift, easy, convenient, and comfortable. Friendly people!”

Rell M.Verified Google Review

“Wonderful group of people as a whole, if your in need of getting it back on track this is most definitely the place to go. I was treated with the up most respect and customer service could learn from this office always someone available . Most of all never felt shame for life pressures coming down on me all at once cause they helped me.. Thank you Kelly, Lovett, Blakley and Sanders.”

Laverne P.Verified Google Review

“Mr. Blakey was very professional and attentive while working with me on my case! He kept me informed and educated about each step! I truly appreciate him and his staff.”

Brittany H.Verified Google Review

Very easy to work with. Made a hard situation go away. Highly recommend if you need a bankruptcy law firm.

Rashawn M.Verified Google Review

“I’ve such a great experience here! I was nervous about my situation to begin with but Mr. Blakey made everything super easy to understand and he was very reassuring. I felt very safe going in to his office even during COVID. I’ve had a wonderful experience and would recommend Mr. Blakey and his office to everyone!”

Ashley D.Verified Google Review

“Misty & Alex are so amazing! I was already scared and apprehensive with the whole bankruptcy situation, but they made me feel so at ease! The process was so easy it was jarring. From the minute I stepped into the office, I was reassured and told that everything would work out for me. They legit helped me out greatly! I now know that I made a great decision choosing this firm.”

Charelle L.Verified Google Review

“Alex Sanders came highly recommended by our estate planning attorney, when my family needed guidance and legal representation regarding a serious financial matter. Not only is his firm well reviewed, but Mr. Sanders also has a great reputation as an experienced, knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney. He successfully litigated our case three years ago, and has continued to offer very helpful legal advice over the past few years.”

Lynn W.Verified Google Review

“My husband and I was very pleased with Mr. Alex Sanders and his staff, especially Missy. They were helpful in the process and everytime I had a question or concern they didn't hesitate to answer. I appreciate them for being personable and hands on.”

Bianca C.Verified Google Review

“If you need a bankruptcy lawyer, look no farther. He is the point. He will tell it like it is. This is a time in your life you need someone who will tell it like it is. Call won't regret it!”

Applis C.Verified Google Review

“I would absolutely recommend this firm to anyone who needs bankruptcy advice. It’s a no pressure type business. Everything was explained to the fullest I left with all the knowledge I needed to make the best decision for me.”

Brandi F.Verified Google Review

“These folks treat you like family, walk you through every step of the process and never make you feel bad about this decision. They make this process bearable and do everything possible for you so that you can get back on your feet. The staff at this office are very professional yet never make you feel uncomfortable in the least. All you need to do is follow their instructions and all will go well. If you are in serious financial distress and have nowhere to turn they can help guide you. I would definitely refer friends and family here to this office.”

Larry C.Verified Google Review

“Alex Sanders is the best attorney, hands down! I highly recommend his services! After having went through such a horrendous experience with our previous attorney, my husband and I had our guard up looking for new representation. We spoke with a couple, but were ultimately unimpressed with them. The first time I spoke with Alex, it was him that returned my call and not a secretary (like the others). He was able to meet with me the same day to discuss my case. He actually allowed ME to speak and explain our situation. Too many attorneys talk over you and interrupt your discussion. But not Alex. Not only did he give me the floor to talk, but he put me at ease and reassured me that my husband and I would be taken care of at every step in our bankruptcy process. In less than a week, he filed our case. Alex Sanders remains in constant communication with his clients. If for any reason he is unable to contact you, his assistant, Missy, is right there to help you. I have NEVER not been able to get a prompt response to any questions I have. If you need an attorney who is going to make you a top priority... give him a call. It'll be the best decision you ever make!”

Ashley M.Verified Google Review

“I would like to thank the entire staff and say that they all are very professional and thoughtful of our needs in this process. This legal outfit is definitely on their clients side and will have your best interest at heart. I would highly recommend this firm to friends and family. Thank you all very much for all you did for us.”

Scott G.Verified Google Review

“What an awesome attorney Alex Sanders is! He made us feel at ease and has gone out of his way to help. He has always been on top of things with our case and always available if we have questions. I would definitely recommend him.”

M. VealVerified Google Review

“Gretchen has been beyond helpful gone out of her way to assist me and my sister in our bankruptcy I would not ask for a better attorney's office anywhere they are amazing and she is an extremely hard worker.”

Maria M.Verified Google Review

“After struggling the last four years with a failing business due to the changes in the industry and downswing, we realized we had no choice but to look into filing bankruptcy. At what has felt like the lowest point of our life, my husband and I found Mr Sanders. He has made a horrible situation so much easier to go through. He is very knowledgeable about bankruptcy law and has a very soft and caring way about him. He is very supportive and after speaking with him we actually felt we could hold our heads up again and knew help was here. I know no one ever wants to be in this situation, but in todays world it is happening more than ever, so I would tell anyone who is looking for help to talk with Mr. Sanders or someone in his firm. You will be glad you did.”

Sharon W.Verified Google Review

“Alex and Missy service was excellent guided me through every step of the way making sure I had the proper material in order to make things run smoothly and efficient highly recommend these guys!”

Ikeia O.Verified Google Review

“I was in an outstanding bind and didn't know what to do or where to go, until I talked to my fiancee and he suggested that I file bankruptcy. I called a 800 number and they gave me a wonderful law firm by the name of Kelley, Lovely, Blakey, & Sanders. I made an appointment, went through all of the procedures, then all things worked out for the good. I am so thankful for this law firm, but especially for Mr. Sanders and his wonderful secretary who walked that path with me. Again, I thank you all so much.”

Janet W.Verified Google Review

“Alex and Missy handled my case quickly and professionally. They explained the entire process to me which made me confident in knowing my case would be handled.”

Lywante B.Verified Google Review

“I saw Attorney Alex Sanders on Law Call one Sunday night on 13WMAZ @ 11:30 on that program they answered a lot of questions. The way I heard Attorney Alex Sanders talk to one call in, he had so much understanding and compassion. I was going through a lot of stress. I prayed that night. I missed the phone number to the law firm. But, I call Reynolds, Horne & Survant and ask them for the phone number to Attorney Alex Sanders from Sunday nights Law Call. I immediately called Alex Sanders at Kelly,Lovett, Blakey & Sanders of Macon. I spoke to Missy and she made my appointment for the next day. I spoke with Alex and he explained everything to me. He told me everything would be all right. He let me know that I would be taken care of and true to his word I was taken care of and it has made it possible to be a little more less stressed. Alex and Missy can help you out and you still have your dignity. I just want to thank Attorney Alex Sanders & Missy for all your help and concern. Thanks gain!”

Linda T.Verified Google Review

“Outstanding service and assistance. Could not be happier; trusted, valued assistance over the years. Would highly recommend.”

Mark M.Verified Google Review

“Thanks Alex Sanders P.C. Message to the public. For financial advice call Kelley, Lovett, Blake & Sanders. He will not only advise; but will come up with a working and affordable solution. I recommend with confidence.”

Debbie J.Verified Google Review

“Filing for bankruptcy is an emotional upheaval. It is a devastating process and during that difficult time, you need a wonderful professional to help and guide you through it. That professional's name is Alex Sanders, Attorney at Law. He and his assistant, Missy, put us at ease immediately, calmed our fears about the process and took charge of our situation. His personal assistance and attention to detail is astounding; he was there for us whenever we called.”

J. GillVerified Google Review

“Hard times fall indeed. However, filling bankruptcy was made easy with Mr. Sanders and Mrs. Missy. I suffer from severe social anxieties, but with these 2 I didn't feel judged or intimidated. Extremely helpful and friendly. My husband and I would of been up the creek without a paddle in a horrible storm if it hadn't been for these lawyers! Many thanks & Much love to them!”

Jade M.Verified Google Review

They are very nice people and are always available to help. They’ve helped me a great deal through a tough time. I’m so thankful for Mr. Anthony Blakey.

Joyce P.Verified Google Review

“Mr. Anthony detailed and explained everything to me where I was able to understand how the bankruptcy process works answered all my questions his associates were nice and will recommend them to anyone.”

Chandra H.Verified Google Review

“Ms. Renalda as well as Mr. Thomas Lovett are professional and responsive, they are always there to help with any questions or paperwork you might need. Without them we would have been lost. The best in Valdosta even in all of Georgia!”

Ly LoVerified Google Review

“Alex made my bankruptcy filing simple and stress free. Every facet of the process was thoroughly explained and transparent. His assistant, Missy is just as competent as Attorney Blakely in helping make sure that everything is in order. This is THE firm to help handle your financial needs hands down.”

Audge M.Verified Google Review

“My husband and I have had the best experience anyone could ask for in this office, Atty Alex Sanders is down to earth and makes you feel right at home. We are very satisfied with the handling of our case.”

Terry M.Verified Google Review

“Mr. Blakey is very professional and knowledgeable! He broke everything down to me and answered all my questions! I would recommend him to anyone!”

Tico H.Verified Google Review

“This is the first experience I have had having to file bankruptcy. This was the smoothest process and the knowledge and help of the team is the greatest!! I was nervous at first but during this process Mr Sanders and Mrs Davis answered all my questions during this trying time in a very timely manor! Ya'll are the best! I would recommend this team to anyone facing a bankruptcy!”

Alton F.Verified Google Review

“Alex and Missy are the greatest, when I need them they are always available. They are the most reliable, dependable, honest, and might I add very Easy to get an hold of..I would most definitely recommend them to anyone who may be seeking a lawyer. So if your in search of a great Attorney here's where you need to be and that's at Kelley Lovett and Blakley in Macon Ga..They're great!”

Laquanda M.Verified Google Review

“You can expect great care and concern for your specific situation. Very attentive and prompt response to your inquiries and needs. You are treated like a person in need not just a case number! I would gladly recommend the law firm of Kelley Lovett Blakey & Sanders! Thanks Alex and Missy!”

Donnell W.Verified Google Review

“Hello my name is Anthony and this firm has help not only myself but most importantly my family. Alex is the best and you really can call this outstanding firm like I did and have Mr. Alex email your discharge papers via email from 4 years back. I strongly advise anyone looking into bankruptcy strongly consider this outstanding firm.”

Anthony W.Verified Google Review

“Alex and Missy will put you at ease immediately. Understanding and upfront, you feel like you finally have someone on your side. Going through a financial crisis is carrying the world on your shoulders and most of us do it for years. Alex and Missy are on your team and ready to help you start over. They make everything so easy to understand. Don't put it off, trust me. Get your life back on track today.”

Sonja T.Verified Google Review

“My first encounter with Alex & Missy was in October 2017, I had recently separated from my husband and he was basically trying to take everything that I had worked hard for my only option was to file bankruptcy. I called around and spoke with several law firms but when I spoke with Missy, by the tone of her voice, I knwen then this is who I wanted to do busy with. She was so caring and understanding, after explaining my situation she said come in and speak with Alex. I was nervous, scared, and embarassed at the same time, but I knew this was my only option. After speaking with him instantly I felt weight lifting up off my shoulders and he assured me that everything would be ok. I recently had to refile my cause due to a work injury and this encounter with Alex, he was very understanding of my situation and told me not to worry because this wasn't my fault. I am very grateful to have Alex Sanders as my lawyer and I highly recommend this law firm.”

Tomeka M.Verified Google Review

“Alex is amazing. He is reliable and cares for his clients. He saved my mortgage. He handles your business with great dignity and respect. He doesn't make you feel intimidated with your problems. He is a great attorney.”

Crystal H.Verified Google Review

“I am so very pleased how professional Alex Sanders was. I came in all worried and he made a point to assure me that he would get this done for me. I would recommend him any given day. Him and the rest of the office was so caring and helpful and again so professional. Thanks so very much Alex.”

Jonica T.Verified Google Review

A great place to go, to get the help you need to get your life back on track. They are very helpful on all information you need, and the get it to you in a very short period of time.

Jake A.Verified Google Review

“This is has been a wonderful day for me (Wilma Whitfield) because the unexpected happened, first of all i didn't think Attorney Sanders office would be able to help me because of my situation, my low income. To my surprise when i open up to Attorney Sanders about the problems that had occurred for the reason i needed to speak to a professional person he listens to me, he heard my cry for some very, very need help. I canot be nothing but humbly grateful to such a wonderful Law firm here in my own local community of Macon, Ga.”

Wilma W.Verified Google Review

“I’m very happy with the service I received from my lawyer Alex Sanders. I had tried another law firm and didn’t get the help I needed, but at Kelley, Lovett, Blakey & Sanders I got more than I was expecting. If you are looking for a bankruptcy lawyer I highly recommend Alex Sanders and the other attorneys at Kelley, Lovett, Blakey & Sanders.”

Billy C.Verified Google Review

“Conducting business with Missy and Alex at this firm has been MUCH easier than I ever could have expected. While dealing with a negative financial situation they put a positive outlook on the end goal. I work in an industry that depends on customer service. I hope my customers are as impressed with their experience dealing with my sales staff as I was while working with Missy and Alex. I definitely recommend contacting the staff here at Kelley, Lovett, Blakey and Sanders if you are in need of their services!”

Andy M.Verified Google Review

“First all I wanna say this is the best law firm I have ever visited the atmosphere is lovely you have to go and see Alex Sanders everything about my experience was wonderful I give him a 5 stars please go visit him and he will take care of your needs.”

Carlon S.Verified Google Review

“I was treated the way a client should have been treated and I felt like I was at home with family members. I will be most definitely recommending people to Alex Sanders. Him and his staff are awesome.”

Barbara B.Verified Google Review

“I have been having troubles, but then I heard about Attorney Alex Sanders in Macon. I called and made my first appointment, when I went I was in tears, but after talking to him and Missy, when I left the office I could breath and I could relax. I have been back 2 more times and they are so sweet and take care of everything for you. I highly recommend Attorney Alex Sanders and Missy.”

Lee F.Verified Google Review

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