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Many considering bankruptcy tend to feel alone, afraid or trapped by creditors. Many are embarrassed or afraid others will think they were financially irresponsible. Some feel as if they are “drowning in debt.” Some are reluctant to seek help because they are afraid of what others will think.

You are not alone. Every year a million or more people file bankruptcy because they lost a job, had unexpected medical expenses, a business failed, owed tax debt, had a repossession or foreclosure or their monthly payments became too high and they couldn’t keep up.

Ten of the top 30 counties on the list with the most bankruptcy filings are in Georgia, with the highest being Clayton County at No. 2. Bibb County was No. 30, and Houston County No. 62.

8,265– total bankruptcies filed in 2016 in Middle District of GA
7,979– total consumer bankruptcies filed in Middle District Of Georgia
46,669-in whole state of GA in 2016

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