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Our law firm provides experienced, supportive counsel to help clients through the process of filing bankruptcy. Many face a tough time with debts. Perhaps you lost a job, incurred unexpected medical bills or you’ve been through a divorce. Overwhelming debt caused by credit cards, car payments, house payments and bill collectors can create financial stress. No matter your financial situation, we can help.

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The Haven Act

Are you a disabled veteran receiving compensation? There has been a change to the bankruptcy laws that might help you. Alex Sanders explains why veterans may now qualify for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy During A Pandemic

Financial hardship is nothing to be ashamed of or surprised by when our economy has been in decline. Filing for bankruptcy may be a good fit for you and your finances, and we are here to help.

Consulting A Professional

Attorney Thomas Lovett explains the importance of consulting a professional if you are considering filing for bankruptcy. Not only will it save time and energy, it could save you in debt as well.

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Our firm remains committed to offering you bankruptcy service as our community deals with this threat to our public health and safety. We are proud to offer the tools and resources that allow you to explore bankruptcy relief without having to leave your home, while our community does its part to overcome this challenge.

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