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“Our role as a debtor‘s attorney – which is the focus of our practice – is to help people or businesses who are in financial distress. The bankruptcy law is designed to allow somebody to get relief, keep property or assets from being taken by creditors, and provide a way to repay debt.

We’re here to help in that we want to see our clients successfully reorganize in such a way that they can keep their property or assets and pay back what needs to be paid to creditors that they owe.”

Bankruptcy can be the key to finding financial peace. It may not be the best fit for everyone, but many people have used bankruptcy as a means of escape from the stress of debt and we can help you determine if it’s the best next step for you.

The bankruptcy process can be intimidating, and you may feel lost when it comes to understanding all of the information that’s required. Luckily, our team helps people like you everyday find financial freedom. If you’ve got questions about bankruptcy, contact the bankruptcy attorneys at Kelley, Lovett, Blakey, and Sanders at 1-800-317-4188.

What Is The Bankruptcy Attorney’s Role?

If you find yourself drowning in unpaid debts, you’re not alone. Everyday, we help people find financial peace through the bankruptcy process.

If debt is making you feel overwhelmed, we’re here to help put your mind at ease.

Contact us today to speak with a bankruptcy specialist.

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